Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Frank LoBiondo avoiding debates

The Press of Atlantic City looked at Frank LoBiondo's campaign and I'm surprised he's refused to even do debates:

The congressman has not agreed to any debates but has visited many groups of Republicans, some of whom are candidates down the ticket in counties in his congressional district, while others are just enthusiastic supporters.

As the reporter, Juliet Fletcher, notes, LoBiondo is not spending much money on his campaign so it's not like he's afraid of losing. I think he's afraid of having to defend his record in a way that can be used in future years: either with a right-wing challenge or a facing a moderate Democrat. His campaigning with local Republican candidates may be meant to protect him from a future Tea Party primary challenge (see Mike Castle.)

We are in a serious economic crisis and an elected Representative has the obligation to defend his record and present his plans in public. Everyone understands that incumbents don't like to take the risk, but when he's completely safe like LoBiondo, he should certainly do so. LoBiondo has a reputation for being very secretive and avoiding reporters.