Monday, April 19, 2010

LoBiondo and the 2010 Elections (aka I may vote for him!)

Last week was the filing deadline for the major party nominations for Congress and four people filed in the New Jersey's 2nd district. Frank LoBiondo faces two primary challengers: Linda Biamonte and Donna Ward. Biamante is a Tea Party type challenging from the right. Personally I sure hope she doesn't have any success, but she has gotten a bit of press. Donna Ward was easily beaten by LoBiondo last time. She ran as a "Constitutional Republican" (aka a Ron Paul-type, I think) and refused to endorse LoBiondo.

The big Democratic names--Van Drew, Whelan--all passed. 2012 does seem like a potentially better year assuming the economy recovers. Meanwhile, no low-level Democrats stepped up to challenge LoBiondo the way long-shot challengers Dave Kurkowski and Viola Thomas-Hughes did in the last two cycles. But wait, we have Gary Stein He ran previously for Congress and Governor as a long-shot third party candidate. So he quite smartly has effectively grabbed the Democratic nomination. I'm not sure I can vote for him, so who knows, I may become a LoBiondo supporter! Well, we'll say what Mr. Stein says in the campaign. I trust the bit about UFOs on his website is a joke or a hack. Still, if you really want to shake things up you could vote for Stein.

In any case, LoBiondo is the overwhelming favorite for re-election at this point.