Thursday, April 8, 2010

Letter to the editor

Charles Ciraolo of Vineland wrote a great letter about LoBiondo in the Daily Journal. Here are some excerpts:

We are one of the richest countries in the world; yet, 46 million have no health benefits while millions more have lousy benefits. We rank 17th worldwide, following Portugal, with health care and yet we pay the most per person. Most of our bankruptcies are now due to health care costs. One of the biggest reasons our American manufacturers go to Canada is because they do not have to pay for health care benefits.

While President Obama was trying to reach across the aisle to the Republicans, as Republicans said they wanted to do, Republicans offered no program of their own but just said no to every proposal set forth by the Democrats.

It goes on...

It is quite apparent to any thinking loyal American the thing to do is throw more Republicans out of office next election. What has happened is this, and I will use Mr. Frank LoBiondo as an example. Your representative brags what he has done for your state, whether it is getting a federal grant to fill in the beaches, etc. Once having showed you what a great job he is doing for you, he can then feel free do what the party wants him to do on a national level. He can do this because he now feels safe of being elected again next time. In an article in The Daily Journal, he blasted the health care bill.

He said it should have bipartisan support. What planet is he from? For more than one year, President Obama has been trying to work with the Republicans and has asked for their ideas. LoBiondo doesn't want the federal government getting involved with health insurance, no sir. He likes the way the big insurance companies are working, such as United Health Care, which made $4.2 billion in profit last year. He likes pre-existing conditions, the doughnut hole for Medicare recipients who have to come up with a couple of thousand dollars out of their pocket, and limits set on your policy so they can drop you.