Tuesday, March 23, 2010

State of the District speech

Representative Frank LoBiondo gave his State of the District speech a few weeks ago. News accounts help us understand his point of view, or at least the point of view he expresses to the Chamber of Commerce. Good accounts are at nj.com, Shore News Today, Daily Journal, and the Press of the Atlantic City.

As far as I can tell, he stood by his previous votes against the stimulus and TARP, condemned Democrats, and expressed concern about unemployment. He also pointed to a government project that will create 100 jobs locally as good, which seems bit contradictory to the stimulus-bashing to me, but I wasn't there.

He also said the big banks are too big. I'll be interested if that view ends up in legislation he can support.

Some of what he calls criticisms captures the big issue of the stimulus: much of it simply offset state budget cuts. So he complains that New Jersey would have funded the highway project anyway, but New Jersey and its transportation fund is broke in the real world. Construction and teaching jobs really were saved in my opinion.

He apparently referred to reconciliation, which has been used many times including by him, as the "nuclear option" which is simply an outright lie if he said it.

Anyway, it's too bad LoBiondo doesn't make his speech available online in print or video format as far as I can tell. Very few people in the district want to pay the Chamber of Commerce to hear their own Congressman.