Saturday, March 6, 2010

LoBiondo joins Democrats to Prevent Child Abuse by School Officials

Frank Lobiondo was one of two dozen Republicans who joined most Democrats in voting 262-153 for H.R. 4247. Let me quote Down With Tyranny:

Yesterday's D v R showdown in the House wasn't about healthcare reform or even about the dirty filthy banksters stealing the national wealth. It wasn't about Afghanistan or about taking the ability of corporations to purchase the services of wily politicians. But it was a showdown that went to highlight one of the basic differences in worldview between conservatives and humans...

If God were to strike down all the obstructionists in the Senate and it were to become law, it would provide the first comprehensive protections for children against abusive disciplinary actions by schools.

Here's the NYT summary:

The legislation stems in part from a government report last year that found evidence that hundreds of children — from preschool age to high school — had been traumatized or physically harmed by being held down or locked alone in rooms, some even tied to chairs. Many had developmental problems or were in special needs programs; many others were in regular classes. Some children have died, apparently because of overly aggressive discipline, according to numerous reports over the last decade.

The bill would prohibit, except in cases of imminent danger, any restraint that restricts breathing; any mechanical restraint, like straps; and chemical restraint, by drugs other than those prescribed by a child’s doctor. It allows for “time outs” but not for a child to be locked in a room, away from supervision. It requires states to keep careful records of incidents of restraint and seclusion, and for schools to report incidents promptly to parents.

I'm very proud Frank LoBiondo voted for this legislation. Actually, all the New Jersey Republican House members did, except ultra-right-winger Scott Garrett.