Saturday, January 23, 2010

Van Drew won't take on LoBiondo in 2010

State Senator Jeff Van Drew of Cape May County is widely thought to be the strongest possible challenger to Representative Frank LoBiondo, but once again he has decided not to challenge LoBiondo this year. The Coastal Broadcasting News of Cape May County reports:

If a Democrat beats Congressman Frank LoBiondo in this November's election, it won't be State Senator Jeff Van Drew doing it. Van Drew has confirmed to Coastal Broadcasting that he will not be running against LoBiondo in this November's election.

Dan Walsh of the Press of Atlantic City has the unambiguous quote:

"I'm not going to be running in this cycle"

Jason Spring of Blue Jersey notes this leaves the door open, yet again, for 2012 or later.

Walsh also describes a longshot candidate, Gerald Sakura, but I think he deserves a post of his own.