Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Democrat Van Drew unlikely to run against LoBiondo

I had a little fun with the Tea Party crowd, but the two party system is pretty resilient. Democrats are the most likely to beat Frank LoBiondo. One highly touted possibility is State Senator Jeff Van Drew of Cape May county, but he's tells Politicker NJ he's unlikely to run next year:

“I’m not trying to be coy. The bottom line is this: I’m very focused on the state issues right now. They are huge. They’re historic. They’re beyond anything the state of New Jersey has ever seen,” said Van Drew in a phone interview last week.

Van Drew has been recruited by Democratic leaders about a prospective congressional run before, particularly for the 2008 election.

“I never say never… but I’d say the likelihood is not there,” he said.

There's not much doubt he'd be the strongest challenger, so I'm sure Frank LoBiondo is happy to see this.