Sunday, November 8, 2009

DNC takes aim at Frank LoBiondo's No Vote on Health Care Reform

Following Frank LoBiondo's vote against reform, Michael Czin of the DNC put out this statement:

Rep. LoBiondo and the Party of No Vote Against Health Insurance Reform, Side With the Insurance Industry over New Jersey Residents

Move Will Place Rep. LoBiondo in Political Peril Next November

Washington – Tonight, the House of Representatives passed historic health insurance reform legislation that will end unfair insurance industry practices like denying coverage because of a pre-existing condition, dropping coverage for those who get sick and placing lifetime caps on coverage. But instead of standing with New Jersey residents who want and need these protections, Rep. LoBiondo chose to stand on the side of profit hungry insurance companies.

The legislation Rep. LoBiondo voted against will not only provide these important consumer protections, but it will also reduce the spiraling cost of health care, rein in out of control premium increases, place a cap on out of pocket costs and extend coverage to nearly every American without it today.

The so called “plan” Rep. LoBiondo’s party did propose would give more goodies to the insurance companies that help their bottom lines: allowing them to charge more while providing less, deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions and drop New Jersey residents when they get sick. And, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the Republican Plan would only cover 3 million more Americans who currently lack insurance over the next ten years - barely a dent in the tens of millions of Americans who lack insurance today. The Republican Party’s plan—the "Health Insurance Company Protection Act"— would do more to protect insurance companies than patients.

Rep. LoBiondo’s vote tonight may score him points with the extreme far right wing of the Republican party, but it won’t get him any credit with the voters of New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District.

“It’s disappointing, but not surprising that Rep. LoBiondo chose to stand with the insurance companies instead of New Jersey residents. Today, Rep. LoBiondo voted against a historic bill which will protect New Jersey residents from unfair insurance company practices and will provide coverage for millions of Americans,” said Democratic Party spokesman ­­­­­­­Michael Czin. “But standing on the side of insurance company CEOs and the far right wing of the Republican party isn’t just bad policy, it’s bad politics. Rep. LoBiondo can rest assured that after voting against health insurance reform today, the people of the 2nd Congressional District will not be voting for him next November.”