Saturday, October 3, 2009

LoBiondo Quotes

Today's Sunbeam describes a Salem County Chamber of Commerce visit to Frank LoBiondo. The quotes I found interesting:

On Afghanistan LoBiondo said the situation there is "very troubling" to him. He visited the U.S. troops in the war zone in April and again in August and found "a great deterioration" of the situation in the country.

That doesn't sound good but I don't know what he wants to do. Does he want an escalation? Doe he want to pull out? I hope LoBiondo says more on this critical matter.

On the climate change (cap and trade) bill he said:

On energy LoBiondo said he broke ranks with most Republicans and voted for the climate change bill known as the American Clean Energy and Security Act because it included a component which promotes nuclear energy.

He said in terms of jobs and investment, nuclear power has been important to New Jersey, especially Salem County, thus the reason for his vote.

That's a perfectly legitimate reason, but not at all what he said in June.

Now, you'll remember he opposed the bailout and the stimulus when you read this:

On the economic collapse he said, "we still don't know what caused the problem to begin with. They ought to make the regulators we have now do their jobs."

The congressman said the actions of the big banks have caused the problem where credit remains so tight and the fallout has been hurting the strong, smaller banks.

"We're in a situation where community banks have been bloodied because of what Wall Street did."

Local banks have been the main opposition to strong reform so this is actually a pretty strong statement of opposition. It's a dismaying to read that LoBiondo basically is going to say existing regulations are good enough and it's all just a mystery what happened. Hello, look around.

He also said he favors health care reform, just not the actual health care reform under consideration. Well, who can blame him for trying to replay 1993-1994? Just the 44,000+ people who will die this year due to lack of insurance while politicians drag their feet.