Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Really? LoBiondo for Lt. Gov?

Lieutenant Governor is a new post, approved by New Jersey voters, that will replace the Governor if necessary - so it's basically a Vice President for New Jersey: A worthless job unless there's a vacancy, but at least we won't end up with the Senate President serving as Governor and Senator at the same time. Chris Christie and Jon Corzine will get to choose their Lt. Gov. running mates -- we get to vote on the pair as a package deal. I haven't been paying attention to speculation on the Republican side for Lt. Governor, so I was a little surprised to see that Frank LoBiondo is on the shortlist. The good news for him with this odd-year election is that if Christie wins (as polls suggest), he gets to be Lt. Gov, and if Christie gets beat, he stays in Congress. Everyone says life in the minority of the House of Representatives is nowhere near as "fun" as life in majority, so I guess it is plausible.

Still, I can't help but doubt that LoBiondo would give up a safe seat for the opportunity to serve in a minor role for 8 years, getting to be governor only by winning an election in 2017(!), or succeeding in case of a resignation due to scandal. (It would have to be a scandal -- even if President Obama seems to love appointing Republicans, he's not going to be choosing a hack like Christie for anything, and LoBiondo can hardly think it's likely that a Republican will win in 2012 and appoint Christie to be Attorney General.) A real cynic would say that LoBiondo would take the job because he thinks Christie will end up in a scandal, but I promised to be hopeful.

Obviously as a Democrat in the Second District, I'd like Corzine victory most of all, but Christie could pick people much worse than LoBiondo, and it would be nice to have a open seat race in 2010. So I say, Frank LoBiondo for Lt. Governor!