Monday, April 13, 2009

LoBiondo Earmarks (Part 4 of 4)

The last of the astonishingly boring earmarks list as disclosed by Representative Frank LoBiondo. Note that the letter requesting the earmark is available at the website, which is a very nice touch.

Hooray for the Salem County Railroad.


* Cape May National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) Land Acquisition Program – requested by the New Jersey Audubon Society (11 Hardscrabble Road, Bernardsville, NJ) for land to be acquired for the Cape May NWR (24 Kimbles Beach Road, Cape May Court House, NJ). Project Description: “Wildlife refuge land acquisition project at Cape May NWR. Funding for [this project] is critical to preserving New Jersey’s rich biodiversity, protecting our natural resources, increasing recreational opportunities for our citizens and supporting our state’s growing wildlife –related recreation industry.”…Funding Requested: $1,100,000

* City of Millville, Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade – Phase I – requested by City of Millville (12 South High Street, PO Box 609, Millville, NJ). Project Description: “The project will upgrade the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant which is approximately 50 years old and one of its most vital infrastructure components. It will create jobs, prevent an increase to sewer rate payers, and represent the City’s commitment to the environment and its future.”…Funding Requested: $4,620,000

* Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) Land Acquisition Program – requested by the New Jersey Audubon Society (11 Hardscrabble Road, Bernardsville, NJ) for land to be acquired for the Edwin B. Forsythe NWR (Great Creek Road, Oceanville, NJ). Project Description: “Wildlife refuge land acquisition project at Edwin B. Forsythe National NWR. Funding for [this project] is critical to preserving New Jersey’s rich biodiversity, protecting our natural resources, increasing recreational opportunities for our citizens and supporting our state’s growing wildlife –related recreation industry.”…Funding Requested: $1,050,000

* Supawna National Wildlife Refuge Land Acquisition Program – requested by The Conservation Fund (1655 North Fort Myer Drive, Arlington, VA) for land to be acquired for the Supawna NWR (197 Lighthouse Road, Pennsville, NJ). Project Description: “[Funding] to enable the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to help acquire an approximately 80 acre tract of land located within the boundary of the Supawna NWR in Salem County. ”…Funding Requested: $1,000,000

* Woodbine, New Jersey, Sewer and Water Treatment System Expansion – requested by the Borough of Woodbine (501 Washington Avenue, Woodbine, NJ). Project Description: “Sewer and water treatment expansion that will help facilitate the siting of the [ethanol] facility which will produce ethanol from algae and provide the basis of an alternative energy industry in Southern New Jersey that will yield economic benefits to the Borough [of Woodbine] and beyond.”…Funding Requested: $2,000,000

Labor and Health and Human Services

* A Socio-Ecological Community Action Model to Reduce Obesity and Increase Physical Activity in Galloway and Egg Harbor Townships – requested by The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey (P.O. Box 195 Jimmie Leads Road, Pomona, NJ). Project Description: “[The project] encourages partnerships among local and county governments, schools, businesses, neighborhoods, and community organizations to create healthier environments that encourage better nutrition and physical activity. Specific goals include increasing workplace activity and decreasing disparities in obesity in minority and low income populations.”…Funding Requested: $180,000

* AtlantiCare Special Care Center - Building Capacity for Improved Chronic Disease Outcomes in Atlantic County, NJ – requested by AtlantiCare (2500 English Creek Avenue, Building 500, Suite 501, Egg Harbor Township, NJ). Project Description: “The AtlantiCare Special Care Center project will build capacity for improved chronic disease outcomes in Atlantic County. [This] will provide very real improvements in health care for the people of the 2nd District and is consistent with national priorities in health care.”…Funding Requested: $2,000,000

* Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation, Sleep Disorders Center – requested by Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation (61 West Jimmie Leeds Road, Pomona, NJ). Project Description: “Relocation, expansion and upgrade of [Bacharach’s] Sleep Disorders Center. The Sleep Center offers a wide variety of tests to identify serious sleep disorders in both adults and children. Sleep problems are disruptive to physical and mental health and can cause significant problems during waking hours.”…Funding Requested: $250,000

* Children’s Intensive Emotional and Behavioral Program (CIEBP), Behavioral Training Series Initiative – requested by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (34th and Civic Center Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA) for activities to be conducted in coordination with their Atlantic County Specialty Care Center (4009 Black Horse Pike, Mays Landing, NJ). Project Description: “The CIEBP program serves children ages 5-12 with severe emotional and behavioral disorders in the Atlantic, Cape May and Southern Ocean Counties. In an effort to partner with local school districts, [this program]seeks to create a Behavioral Training Series Initiative which would provide a broad range of teaching services to school officials so that they may be better prepared to address the depth and breadth of the behavior problems.” …Funding Requested: $100,000

* Newcomb Hospital Adaptive Reuse Project – Vineland Community Health and Wellness Center – requested by the City of Vineland (640 E. Wood Street, P.O. Box 1508, Vineland, NJ). Project Description: “The development of a community health and wellness center on the campus of what will become a regional health care and [health] training facility. [Will allow] the City of Vineland to be consolidate many of its health care services under one roof providing for improved operating efficiencies and benefiting from the synergistic relationships with our proposed health care partners.”...Funding Requested: $2,000,000

* NORC Senior Neighbor Network - requested by the Jewish Federation of Atlantic and Cape May Counties (501 North Jerome Avenue, Margate, NJ). Project Description: “The NORC Senior Neighborhood Network program [will allow] more than 300 residents in [the] local area, 55 and older, to age in place in better health, with less isolation and increased dignity.” …Funding Requested: $175,000

* Rowan University Algae-To-Ethanol Research and Evaluation - requested by Rowan University (201 Mullica Hill Road, Glassboro, NJ). Project Description: “A new initiative involving research, development, evaluation and commercialization of algae-to-ethanol production in southern New Jersey. The algae-to-ethanol project is consistent with our national and regional priorities in education and economic development, including fostering a high-technology economy and enhancing our energy independence.”…Funding Requested: $1,500,000

* Shore Memorial Hospital Surgical Pavilion – requested by Shore Memorial Hospital (1 East New York Avenue, Somers Point, NJ). Project Description: “Construction of a new surgical pavilion that will provide our residents with the most advanced technology and surgical experience possible. The Hospital is acquiring advanced digital cardiovascular, angiographic, and interventional imaging systems as part of the surgical pavilion projects which will enhance physicians’ abilities to treat their patients using minimally invasive techniques in lieu of major surgery.”…Funding Requested: $500,000

* Transitional Services for Students and Young Adults with Disabilities – requested by TOTALL ENVOLVEMENT INC. (71 Rainbow Trail, Malaga, NJ). Program Description: “[The project will] provide services to transitioning teens – from high school to post-secondary options – to ensure that students understand and consider all transitional options available through Federal and State mandates and then ensuring appropriate vocational and educational skills are acquired prior to the actual transition from the secondary environment.”…Funding Requested: $250,000

* Trauma Care for Vulnerable Families – requested by Center for Family Services (584 Benson Street, Camden, NJ). Program Description: “The Center for Family Services will work with established trauma care models to train staff and expand and enhance counseling and services in order to become better equipped to reduce a wide range of health, behavioral health and social problems in children and families.”… Funding Requested: $466,690

Military Construction:

* Dining Hall and Services Facility - requested by the 177th ANG Fighter Wing (400 Langley Road, Egg Harbor Township, NJ). Project Description: "The 177th FW is assigned 18 PAA F-16 aircraft and requires a properly sized and adequately configured facility to provide services and generate training and operational Air Sovereignty Alert sorties."...Funding Requested: $8,400,000

* Munitions Administration Facility - requested by the 177th ANG Fighter Wing (400 Langley Road, Egg Harbor Township, NJ). Project Description: "The 177th FW requires a propertly sited, adequately sized, and configured functional space to support conventional munitions administration, training and maintenance in support of 18 PAA F-16 aircraft."...Funding Requested: $1,700,000

* Replace Base Civil Engineer Complex - requested by the 108th Air Refueling Wing (McGuire AFB, NJ). Project Description: "The 108th Air Refueling Wing (ARW) requires properly sized and adequately configured facilities to house the base engineer administrative, maintenance, and training functions, and readiness (disaster preparedness). Facilities support daily activities associated with maintaining/ repairing base infrastructure and facilities for the ARW, and mobility requirements for the 108th Civil Engineering Squadron (CES) and readiness requirements."...Funding Requested: $9,700,000

Transportation and HUD:

* Aviation Research and Technology Park – requested by the South Jersey Economic Development District (226 North High Street Suite A, Millville, NJ). Project Description: "funding would be used to assist in the construction of facilities at the Aviation Research and Technology Park, an industrial park in Pomona, NJ which will facilitate economic development and new jobs in the region."...Funding Request: $1,000,000

* Hammonton Downtown Revitalization – requested by the Town of Hammonton (100 Central Avenue, Hammonton, NJ). Project Description: “This project will acquire, renovate, and adaptively reuse several blighted former industrial sites that exist within the Downtown Urban Core of Hammonton. It will become a destination for green technology corporations looking for sites with access to public transportation to headquarter their companies.”...Funding Request: $650,000

* Route 50 Tuckahoe River Bridge – requested by the New Jersey Department of Transportation (PO Box 600, Trenton, NJ). Project Description: “The funding will be used to replace the existing movable bridge with a higher and wider fixed span. This project will be beneficial to the state and is important for the South New Jersey region.”...Funding Request: $1,000,000

* Route 55/47 Interchange Improvements – requested by the County of Cumberland (790 East Commercial Street, Bridgeton, NJ). Project Description: “[The project would include] additional egress off Route 55 and the construction of local roads running adjacent to Route 47. These roadway improvements will have a positive impact for all county residents”...Funding Request $1,000,000

* Salem County Short Rail Line Rehabilitation – requested by the County of Salem (94 Market Street, Salem, NJ). Project Description: “[The funding] will be spent on the Phase IV rehabilitation of the 18 mile short rail line run by Salem County Transit. This project benefits numerous businesses and their workers along the line … If we are unable to complete this rehabilitation, businesses may eliminate jobs to counter the additional costs for trucking materials to their facilities.”...Funding Request: $2,000,000