Saturday, April 11, 2009

Frank LoBiondo Earmarks (Part 3 - Defense and Homeland Security Appropriations)

Part 3 of Frank LoBiondo's Earmarks Request Disclosure. I'm copying them all because who knows how long they will stay up, and this way it's easier to find them if the public is interested. All five of the Defense Appropriations requests were also requested in the Defense Authorization bill, so if you're reading the posts in order there's only one new one here.

Requests for the Homeland Security Appropriations Bill:

* Emergency Operations Center – requested by the City of Brigantine (1417 West Brigantine Avenue, Brigantine, NJ). Project Description: “To create a fully functioning and stand alone Emergency Operations Center with adequate backup power generation and the ability to communicate with governmental agencies, as well as other neighboring Emergency Operations Centers if a catastrophic event or incident were to occur.”…Funding Requested: $2,000,000

Requests for the Defense Appropriations Bill:

* Applied Communications and Information Networking (ACIN) - requested by Drexel University (3141 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA) with work to be performed at L-3 Communication, Communications Systems - East (1 Federal Street, Camden, NJ). Project Description: “ACIN addresses the challenges posed in the National Research Council’s report entitled 'Realizing the Potential of C4I: Fundamental Challenges' by matching DOD needs with academic and industrial capabilities in communications and information networking. The core objective of ACIN is R&D and commercialization of technologies that will revolutionize military capabilities, including doctrine and methods of operation.”...Funding Requested: $7,000,000

* Distributed Mission Interoperability Toolkit (DMIT) - requested by Accenture (Suite 400, 200 Federal Street, Camden, NJ). Project Description: “Successful execution of today’s complex military missions relies heavily on the ability to share real-time information in a joint operational environmental. This services-based architecture is critical to supporting joint and coalition missions/exercises that require rapid event staging, complex security levels, and involvement of diverse participants.”...Funding Requested: $7,000,000

* Force Protection – Non Traditional Weaving Application for Aramid (Ballistic) Fibers and Fabrics - requested by Absecon Mills, Inc. (Vienna and Aloe Avenues, PO Box 672, Cologne, NJ). Project Description: "By re-evaluating standard Industry design and manufacturing techniques for force protection technology, we believe Non Traditional weave designs of Aramid (ballistic) fiber coupled with new applications of microwave plasma treatments can enhance the strength of the fiber and result in enhanced individual mobility, ease of medical access, reduced weight, increased ballistic protection, cost effective savings and weight reduction of ballistic materials currently used."...Funding Requested: $3,586,000

* Senior Scout COMINT (Communications Intelligence) Capability Upgrade - requested by L-3 Communication, Communications Systems - East (1 Federal Street, Camden, NJ). Project Description: “As part of the Senior Scout ongoing mission, there is an immediate need to add improved COMINT capability to detect and characterize new, modern, low-power radio signals at extended standoff ranges in the presence of interference. The current systems are not able to detect these specific signal sets, which limits intelligence collection capabilities.”...Funding Requested: $4,000,000

* Software Lifecycle Affordability Management (SLAM) - requested by Price Systems, LLC (17000 Commerce Parkway, Suite A, Mt. Laurel, NJ). Project Description: “The Software Lifecycle Affordability Management (SLAM) project provides decision makers a means to understand cost tradeoffs in relation to both performance and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Development of the SLAM Service Oriented Architecture Cost Model (SOA-CM) enables the Army to determine which software lifecycle design/strategies realizes the greatest number of capabilities for the lowest possible cost, following the best possible schedule.”...Funding Requested: $5,000,000