Friday, March 13, 2009

LoBiondo on Mercury Dangers

We all remembee the Kiddie Kollege disaster in Gloucester County, where a day care center was located in a place contaminated by mercury. Recently the Philadelphia Inquirer has an article on Congressman Frank LoBiondo drawing attention to Mercury dangers.

"As the report demonstrates, future mercury exposures are preventable if the correct public health officials, teachers, and parents have the facts and take action,"

Generally speaking, if you want environmental regulations, you should vote Democratic, but there is no doubt incompetence and neglect exists with both parties. The bottom line, though, is that without regulation companies will not clean up their pollution. that said, LoBiondo earns more credit from me here for his stance on this issue, and I hope he does follow through with legislation if it is necessary. His spokesman pointed to this government website:

which is an important report on mercury dangers.