Thursday, March 26, 2009


Frank LoBiondo announced his Facebook page. I don't see anything on his wall yet, but he promises:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Seeking to establish an ongoing dialogue with tech-savvy residents, U.S. Representative Frank A. LoBiondo (NJ-02) today expanded his presence on the Internet to include a “Facebook” page and welcomed all South Jersey users of the free website service to “friend” him in order to receive regular updates on issues important to them and the 2nd District.

“An essential element of my job is communicating with people – my constituents – back home in South Jersey. As Congress is called into longer sessions in Washington, it has made it more challenging to maintain a continuous conversation with residents. As different technologies and methods evolve, it is pertinent that I examine and employ what would work effectively and efficiently to be as accessible as possible in as many ways as possible,” said LoBiondo.

LoBiondo will use his new “Facebook” page to keep residents informed of important committee hearings, his position on key votes, and upcoming public events in South Jersey that he will be attending.

Of course, because he is a politician you can only "become a supporter" not "friend" him, but it's close enough for government work.