Friday, March 27, 2009

Childish Posturing has Consequences

The other day Representative Frank LoBiondo gave a speech on how important beach replenishment funds are to shore communities. Naturally he denounced Governor Corzine for cutting state funds for it, though press accounts did not share where he thought additional money should be cut from the state budget.

This week, Frank Lautenberg, Frank Pallone, John Adler, Albio Sires, and 14 other members of Congress also supported beach replenshment -- this time, they wrote a letter urging that the Obama Administration allow stimulus funds to go to "shovel-ready beach renourishment construction." It seems such projects are not eligible for funding. (Also, Frank Pallone also has a great floor speech on beach grants.)

Now, why in the world wouldn't stimulus money be applied to such worthy projects? I think it's obvious: Congress"men" like Frank LoBiondo love to posture against the stimulus bill, complaining that buying cars for the federal government, fighting sexually transmitted diseases, and building scientific facilities are wasteful. So after Republicans repeat and repeat those arguments, who's going to stand up for spending money on beaches, when it's obvious some jerk will appear who'll say it's just moving sand around for people goofing off? I just wish Republicans would grow up sometime, we'd all be better off. This week, we saw the Jersey Shore would be.