Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Beach replenishment funding

According to the Press of Atlantic City, Frank LoBiondo complained about beach replenishment funding; specifically he said that if Governor Corzine's plan to spend $18 million instead of $25 million risked federal matching funds:

"These federal dollars will be lost if the partnership commitment is not kept. And they’re dollars we may never ever get back again," LoBiondo said. LoBiondo said other states will benefit from the governor’s budget decision at New Jersey’s expense.

"The competition for these federal dollars for beach replenishment is literally hand-to-hand combat," he said. "If we falter for a second, I guarantee you there will be coastal communities on the East Coast, the West Coast, the Gulf Coast and the Mississippi that will suck up these dollars in a fraction of a second."

Coastal Broadcasting News also has a summary.

Fair enough, and I am all for government spending for public benefit. Still, after so many years of Republican complaints that the state spends too much, it's a bit tough to take the view that some beach spending is unnecessary in a great crisis. I wish LoBiondo had said what he would cut instead.