Saturday, February 7, 2009

Will LoBiondo support Obama with his vote?

Last month, Dan Walsh of the Press of Atlantic City noted LoBiondo's record of voting against George W. Bush (though my sense is that he was always there for the key close votes) and the interesting question of what LoBiondo will do during the Obama administration: Will he support Obama with his vote? Will he join with Obama to undermine liberals? Will he be forgotten as conservative Republicans take the lead?

Here's the case that LoBiondo will support Obama from his spokesman:

But once President-elect Barack Obama takes office this year, LoBiondo could find himself among Republicans voting most often with the president.

"I think you'll see President-elect Obama reaching across to moderate members of the House, and I think Congressman LoBiondo certainly fits that bill," LoBiondo spokesman Jason Galanes said.

But in the next breath, you get the opposite message:

Galanes said[:] "Of course, you also have a Congress that's being run by (Speaker of the House) Nancy Pelosi and (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid.

Notice that everyone else is responsible for reaching out to LoBiondo? So far, LoBiondo is one for seven in key votes. I'd bet LoBiondo is a big disappointment to Obama, but the record will show the truth.