Sunday, February 22, 2009

Salem County Stimulus Projects

Frank LoBiondo's opposition to federal spending to revive the economy has not prevented towns in Salem County, New Jersey from planning to use the opportunity. Today's Sunbeam has the county requests:

About 75 unique projects were produced by Salem County entities and the municipalities of Alloway, Carneys Point, Elmer, Elsinboro, Mannington, Oldmans, Penns Grove and Pittsgrove.

"Salem County has maintained a proactive and cooperative approach in submitting our projects for consideration of economic stimulus dollars," said Freeholder Deputy Director Beth Timberman. "We are very pleased that our towns and institutions have responded to our call for projects and we have submitted them all for consideration."

Roads, schools, energy-efficiency upgrades, solar panels, and many other projects were on thelist. Here's one that struck me:

Penns Grove Borough asked for $720,000 to replace three obsolete water pump stations that are at risk of failing. According to Penns Grove Engineer Mark Brunermer, the sites do not even have auxiliary power, something fairly common by today's standards.

Today's Sunbeam makes a point that both Republicans and Democrats have submitted requests. However, I can't help but notice that Woodstown and Pilesgrove are absent, despite the fact that residents know that major projects are needed (hint: the schools.) Both are Republican-controlled. Maybe LoBiondo can give them a call to wake them up.