Wednesday, February 11, 2009

LoBiondo outraged

Here's a good story. The Press of AC tells us about how the FAA allowed a hacker to steal personal information for thousands of employees in Atlantic City. Our congressman is rightly outraged and put out this statement:

“I am angered and outraged that an extensive security breach of the FAA computers and its employees and retirees’ personal information could be successfully executed – have we not learned anything from the security breaches at other agencies of the federal government?” said LoBiondo. “I will seek answers from the FAA at tomorrow’s hearing about the agency’s response to this discovery, how it will adequately protect the FAA Tech Center and ACY Tower employees’ information from being improperly used, and how they will prevent a similar breach from happening again.”

I am pleased by Frank LoBiondo's strong response here.

Though I do notice that the newspaper says this is not the first problem:

The union complained a few years ago that workers received anti-union mailings using names and addresses that appeared to have been generated from FAA files, Waters said. AFSCME complained to the FAA and the Transportation Department, but no action resulted, he said.