Friday, February 27, 2009

Frank LoBiondo: It's common sense that many Americans must go without health care

Today's Sunbeam talked to Rob Andrews and a spokeman for Frank LoBiondo to get their takes on Barack Obama's health care efforts. Andrews was supportive -- pointing out that voters endorsed reform by voting for Obama -- but LoBiondo opposes the entire idea. After some standard Republican lines about small business taxes that is misleading at best, LoBiondo's spokesman got to the point:

Still, LoBiondo supports health care reform, but he thinks the problem should be addressed in pieces. For example, Galanes said, LoBiondo's recent support of the expansion of a key children's health insurance program was one such piece.

"There needs to be a consensus approach to this and common-sense solutions," Galanes said. "...There isn't one avenue. You have to look at the entire situation by pieces."

I've certainly praised LoBiondo for supporting the SCHIP children's program, but this statement tells us that LoBiondo believes that universal coverage is not important. But is it "common sense" to work on reducing those without insurance from 46 million to 40 million, but not work to get the number close to zero? I don't think so. There are already 83 million people with government coverage, so there can be no "common sense" objections against government involvement in health care. It's just that the so-called moderates can't look around and see that we are trapped in their "common sense" non-solutions because of accidents of history. Meanwhile, the giant car companies teeter on the edge of bankruptcy while small businesses leave their employees uncovered. And if you're laid off due to the uncontrollable forces of the recession, you're out of luck.